Our serviettes come in many different colours. All the colours we manufacture are shown below in stock available and ready to despatch. They can be delivered anywhere in the world by DHL or FedEx couriers. 

What sort of time frame should I allow for delivery of our order of serviettes?

Like any business in order to meet your requirements we like to receive as much notice as possible, however, we realise this is not always feasible. When orders are placed it normally takes between 2-5 working days for transit. All orders are shipped same day or next business day.
If custom printed serviettes are ordered they will be ready in approximately 15-21 working days from receipt of signed proof.


Can I order small quantities of serviettes?

Yes. Because we have serviettes in stock in our factory we can fulfill orders for as little as 1 carton provided the product ordered is a stock item. (minimum from 3000) 

Custom printed serviettes minimum quantity is 15,000 serviettes.


How are my serviettes shipped?

We ship by FedEx or DHL couriers. Other freight forwarding companies can be used upon request.


How many serviettes are packed into 1 case (box) and what is the weight of each case (box)?

Please click here for weight and size information (XLS file).


How many serviettes should I order if I want custom printed serviettes?

Our minimum quantity is 15,000 serviettes. We are also happy to supply in container lots.


Can we help you to decide on the best product for your requirements?

Yes. Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you and guide you through this process.


What is the time frame for custom printed serviettes?

Our lead time is usually between 15 -21 working days for production and 5 days for air freight or 20 to 30 days by sea freight (we only ship sea freight for quantities above 25000 serviettes. However it is sometimes possible if urgent to rush.


What is needed to provide you if I want custom printed serviettes?

We need your design in in soft copy. Please click here for our artwork requirements.